Common causes of cataracts among children and adults

Have you seen kids at the age of five battling cataracts? Of course, many kids find it so hard to see things clearly at night. Likewise, cataract in adults is a common eye problem these days. Now, what are the causes of cataracts in kids and adults? And that is what this article is all about.

When you see your kids rubbing their eyes with their hands, there’s a cause for alarm. Parents and guardians need to pay attention and observe their children. We hope you know that parents can only know if their children are battling cataracts through observation. Perhaps we should quickly chip in this that parents should please learn how to study their kids. 

The only way to treat a cataract is by undergoing cataract surgery. Of course, we can boldly tell you that adults battling cataracts can only regain or restore their eyes by doing cataract surgery. On the other hand, not all kids can undergo cataract surgery. But a cataract is not limited to adults alone. Children can also have it.  

On the other hand, adults also see the same symptoms as children. But they can put how they are feeling into words. Therefore, children and adults need to know the common causes of cataracts. If they know the causes of cataracts, they will learn how to prevent themselves from having them again even after undergoing cataract surgery. Oh! Surgery! Why? You might be wondering why the need to add the word “surgery” in this write-up.  Learn more commons signs that show that one may likely undergo cataract surgery.

Common causes of cataracts among children and adults

What is a cataract?

A cataract happens when the eye lens has a solid or gloomy zone. This eye issue begins when the protein in the eye produces clusters that prevent the lens from transferring clear images to the retina. And once this occurs, the eye will start to nurse some strange things. The situation will get worse when the natural lens starts developing faults. 

Causes of cataracts among adults and children

  1. Eye injury: One can get cataracts if there’s an eye injury. To avoid cataract surgery, you must be careful and ensure your eyes are safe from harm. A cataract obtained from an injury is called a traumatic cataract. Children are the ones that need to be taken care of the more here. They are fond of playing and can go the extra mile and unknowingly wound themselves. A sudden incident can happen to both young and adults; they can contact cataracts if care is not taken. Therefore, the only way to avoid cataracts after eye injury is that one should do the needful. Make sure you treat every eye injury. The moment your eye injury has not been cared for, then one may likely get cataracts. And if it is crystal clear that a cataract is in your eye, the only way to restore your sight is by doing cataract surgery. 
  2. Congenital cataracts: This eye problem can be in children and adults right from birth. If a mother is fighting cataracts and she hasn’t done cataract surgery before pregnancy, there’s a tendency for the baby also grow with cataracts. Of course, it depends on how strong the woman’s genes are. Likewise, there are some families with cataracts. We have seen a family where all of them had experienced cataract surgery. We tried to converse with them; they said cataract is an inborn eye issue in their family. Imagine a man with a cataract, and he also marries a woman that has the same story. There’s a tendency that their kids will also have cataracts. And that type of cataract is called a congenital cataract. We know there are some families like that around you. You might have come across one or two. 
Common causes of cataracts among children and adults
  1. Washing the face with unclean water: If you’re fond of washing your eyes with contaminated water, you are prone to have cataracts. Polluted water can contain some particles that may affect the natural lens. And remember, once the natural lens is damaged, one will begin to see some signs and symptoms of cataracts. Therefore, it may require one need to undergo cataract surgery. Parents must take care of their kids and ensure their eyes are on them. Therefore, our candid advice for everyone is to ensure they check the water if they want to wash their eyes. Make sure you use clean water to wash your eyes. 
  2. Spending more time in dusty areas: You are writing a letter to cataracts if you spend more time in dusty areas. That is why it is essential for people working in industries to use face shields appropriately. If you allow the dust to flow into your eyes, you will later end up in the theatre room to do cataract surgery. 

How to overcome cataract 

Don’t be deceived by people’s perspectives. The only way to overcome cataracts is by undergoing cataract surgery. Although the moment you start seeing some symptoms of cataracts, the first thing you need to do is to visit your doctor to examine you. Your doctor will conduct some tests on you, and once you’re diagnosed with a cataract, the only remedy is surgery. We’ve been saying this right from the introduction. Of course, kids at their tender age may not undergo cataract surgery. But they may not do it at their tender age, but they will do it when their eyes can hold it.  

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is the most successful way of treating cataracts. The fact remains that cataract occurs when the natural lens is faulty or damaged. So, once the natural lens is affected, there’s no other way to treat it than to restore the natural lens with an artificial one. And that’s the procedure in cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the process that involves bringing out the faulty natural lens and replacing it with an artificial one. The natural lens cannot be repaired. Once it is defective, one can only replace it with an artificial one. 

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